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Why is water so important?

Water is essential to a dog's health and vigor for five reasons:

  1. Water is the most abundant element in healthy cells. The adult dog's lean body weight is around 70% water, and many tissues are 70% to 90% water. Your dog's body would not function correctly without water.
  2. Water is a significant component of blood. Water facilitates the movement of other nutrients into and out of cells. It also aids in the removal of wastes from individual cells as well as the entire body via urine and bowel motions.
  3. Water aids in the digestion of meals and the absorption of nutrients.
  4. Water assists the body in maintaining a regular temperature, especially when it is evaporated through panting or sweating.
  5. Water aids in lubrication and cushion joints, making movement easier. It is also a component of the fluid that cushions and protects the spine and brain.

What amount of water does a dog necessitate?

The amount of water your dog need each day is determined by their size, food, age, activity level, and weather conditions.  Especially now, with the raising temperature of the summer, it is vital to keep your dog hydrated even during its daily walks, for this reason we presents you our new 4 in 1 bottle for dog, in which you will be able to always assist your dog with food, water, scoop and bags to clean its wastes.


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