Lawn aerator shoes
Lawn aerator shoes
Lawn aerator shoes
Lawn aerator shoes
Lawn aerator shoes
Lawn aerator shoes
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Lawn aerator shoes

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Soil aeration is important. It oxidizes the soil and allows it to grow into a strong and healthy root system. But there are many problems:
 Hand aerator takes time. To aerate the soil with a drill requires a type of skill that not everyone has. Soil aerator machines are quite expensive. 

 Escape  all these troubles with our lawn aerator shoes. Wear them as soles along with existing shoes, tighten them, walk the grass and ventilate the soil. The spikes penetrate deep into the ground and pierce them completely when walking or mowing the ground. 

What you get: 
 Convenient soil aeration: You don't have to dig up the entire soil with a garden fork or spend a lot of money on an electric aerator. This pair of pointed slippers (5 cm long nails) works cheaply and effectively. No undue effort or time commitment is required. Promotes healthy grass growth: Soil aeration helps the grass  absorb more water by growing deeper and wider roots. It's a great helper for loose soil. Do two jobs at the same time: carry it comfortably and handle normal garden chores such as mowing, weeding and planting without airing extra time. It allows you to do two jobs at the same time.


Material: plastic + iron
Size: 30*13*4.2cm


Package includes:

1 Pair X Nail Shoes
26 Sets X Screws
1 X Wrench


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